What is Life Telling You?


I’m a firm believer that everything turns out as it was supposed to, and disappointments can often lead to unexpected victories. I also truly believe, just because I’ve seen this happen so often in my own life, that life sometimes has a message for you, and when you choose not to listen, it shouts louder.

In the past year I have had several accidents that have severely limited my ability to work all the time. The thing about working all the time is that eventually you get worn down and run the risk of burning out. The first incident happened about a year ago. I reached down to pick something up in my glass cutting area, not realizing a large shard of clear glass was sticking straight up. When I grabbed it, I forcefully drove the glass into the palm of my hand. I knew as soon as I did it, it was not one of my usual glass cuts. It hurt more, bled more, and I realized I was barely able to move two of my fingers.

Turns out I partially severed the tendon that connected to those two fingers. I had also punctured a large vein, which in turn caused a hematoma. The hematoma broke, and caused my hand to literally turn black. Even the nurse at the hospital took a look and was very impressed by the damage I had caused. As you can imagine, I was unable to hold my glass tools, meaning I was unable to work. I even had to cancel two shows because I couldn’t make any product. Like it or not, I was forced to take a step back for over a month.

Strangely enough, the next injury was also my hand, this time a severely sprained wrist. This time I had my huge Newfoundland Dog’s leash wrapped around my arm. He bolted when he saw a cat, which sent me flying in the air with an extremely hard landing on the sidewalk. Besides lots of nasty and sore road rash on my hands and leg, I ended up with a wrist brace for a couple of weeks and the inability to lift anything. Once again, my ability to work slowed down. The third incident was a couple of weeks ago and involved the large dog again, with his leash pulling around 3 fingers like a noose, causing a green stem fracture in one finger, cuts, swelling, and pain. And yes, it has slowed me down.

The moral of this story is, when I refused to slow myself down, life did it for me. I’m thinking three hand injuries is telling me I can’t do it all, and that I have to become more organized or maybe even hire a helper. But I have to do something, or who knows what may happen the next time.

Has anything similar happened to you?


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