Let the Adventures Begin

So, in just about a month, it will be officially summer for me. I say officially because I also teach high school visual arts and the 26th of June is my last day until the last week of August. I can assure you I will be crawling across the finish line at this point, a yearly tradition for nearly all teachers.

However, the traditions of summer and the adventures I plan to have , have already begun. For those of you who are not hockey families, you may not be aware that this is also spring hockey season. That’s the time of year when kids join privately owned leagues to compete in a wide variety of tournaments. It’s expensive and time consuming, but also a time for kids to play with others they don’t normally play with and for new friendships to be formed. This year has been no different, and last weekend my 14 year old son Jeremiah and I hit the road for the 10 hour drive to Montreal.

This season he is playing with a team from Fredericton, and he and I only knew one parent/child on the team. Our apprehension was unfounded though as by the end of the weekend the entire group of boys was in my hotel room while the parents held vigil in the hallway. I may have had a few too many marqueritias over the weekend, and I certainly had more than my fair share of coffee. I also had the “adventure” of traffic hell, which pretty much describes driving around Montreal.

I’ve also had a few bumps in the road. My glass isn’t in yet and I’m on a very tight deadline for some bowls. My computer is refusing to print my jewelry cards. Being away means getting behind on my glass work.

This weekend I really really wanted to go kayaking or cycling. The weather is supposed to be amazing. Instead I will be inside frantically putting together orders so nothing is late. And next weekend? Well, you’ll be able to find me in New Hampshire, right outside of Boston for, you guessed it, hockey. But guess what? It’s amazing watching my son play and make friends with his teammates. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. As all parents know, these years fly by far too quickly. After next weekend we are off the ice until August and then, baseball. Softball and baseball, and trying in vain to get stains out of white baseball pants.

Coming up in the next few days, I’m going to post some easy and very cool things to make for your yard, as well as my latest Live the Adventure Box from Explore Canada. Ive already set my hammock up in the yard to test it out, and I plan to purchase some new hiking boots next week as well as some bear spray (and I really hope I won’t have need for it).


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